Sign the Tolpuddle statement and get involved

Following various conversations with labour movement activists at Tolpuddle the following campaign statement has been launched by the Labour Representation Committee, but with the aim of putting the campaign in the hands of a broad organising committee once significant support has been won. A broad range of activists have already signed up to support the campaign.

There will be a meeting to discuss the campaign on the 3rd September 7pm, at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London with speakers including Keith Ewing,Manuel Cortes General Secretary TSSA, Maria Exall, Marshajane Thompson as well as other initial signatories below.

Comment on the link below to add your name

24 responses to “Sign the Tolpuddle statement and get involved”

  1. Terry Clark says :

    please add Amble Ucatt branch North East

  2. Martin Burton says :

    Please add my name to the statement.
    Martin Burton Secretary Halifax CLP

  3. Cate Tuitt says :

    Thereis no more relavant time than now , for trade union support and engagement in the Labour party. As we face a coalition government who have attacked and undermined the fundemental principals of the employment justice system. Tribunals for employment and te introduction of fees , the nions are just as relavqnt today ,for supporting working people in ensuring that low pay nd gender and racediscrimination at tribunals is challenged , and that there is no price on fairness and equality at work . We must stand together and remember those who marched for jobs .. i fully support it .. Best wishes to all

  4. David Melvin Unite and Stalybridge and Hyde CLP says :

    Without the union link the Labour Party becomes another SDP. Ed should be careful what he wishes for. If there was a viable socialist alternative……..?

  5. Maggie Dunn says :

    We have to get the LP to listen to our concerns and address the aspirations of UK citizens; it’s not hard; housing, health, education and employment! That’ll fix it, not austerity and not squabbling about who looks best wearing the Tories clothes.

  6. Councillor Peter Davies says :

    I find it quite incomprehensible that anyone could even consider, let alone follow through, a decision to reduce our links with the trade union movement. Taking a purely pragmatic stance with regard to finances, as a party we already struggle to fund our campaigns; without the support of our unions,we would be totally at the mercy of the current coalition and their City financiers et al. At the moment, we rely heavily on the trade union movement to express the concerns and support the aspirations of countless working and out of work citizens of this country.


    We need to defend our Trade Union links not attack them, Labour Party was founded as an alliance between trade unions and socialist organisations to provide a political voice for working people LONG MAY IT CONTINUE FULLY SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN OF SOLIDARITY John Taylor Middlesbrough Sth & East Cleveland CLP

  8. George Durack says :

    I agree the Link is the greater part of the Labour Party

  9. Nick Durrant says :

    I agree that the trade union voice has been lost in CLPs for years and has been marginalised from decision making within the party. I believe that at the very least we are entitled to is an equal voice. Please add my name to the statement.

  10. Jack Preston says :

    Jack Preston lets really move things along

  11. PETER WILLSMAN says :

    please add CLPD

  12. Alan Milne, Wirral West CLP says :

    Please add my name.

  13. Paul France says :

    I feel that without the union link, the Labour Party will revert to Lloyd George’s Liberal style (“New Labour”) i.e. Do nice things for the masses to avoid rebellion but stay subservient to business interests.

  14. alan milne says :

    I totally agree with the statement

  15. Katharine Bligh says :

    I wholeheartedly agree. The Labour Party is nothing without the Trade Unions
    Katharine Bligh, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP

  16. Walter Tavener says :

    This is our party and the link with the Trade Unions must not be broken.

    Wally Tavener. Unite SE/218 & Havant CLP.

  17. patio86a says :

    Please add me to this list – an underpaid public sector worker.

  18. Matthew Rawlings says :

    Labour has forgotten what it is and needs to remember what it’s for. The Trade Unions are part of this and labour should become again the party of the working class not for the capitalists and exploiters!

  19. Dereck Roberts says :

    Fully support the campaign Dereck Roberts UNITE LP CLP Delegate, CLP Treasurer. We need to support the Trades Unions not attack them. End Zero Hours Contracts !

  20. michael lynch says :

    please add me to this list solidarity

  21. Dave Dash says :

    If there is no link with the trade unions, then for me there is no Labour Party. I’ve been in a Shop Steward, Branch Secretary and now a Full-Time Official for for the Bakers, Food & Allied Workers’ Union. Representing members for over 36 years. In that time only one person wanted to opt out of the political levy. That shows to me that our members are happy with the link. The Labour Party needs the link with the trade unions. This link is with ordinary working people. It’s the Trade Union activists that’s canvassing and leafleting helping Labour MPs and Counsellors get elected. We need the Labour Party to stand up for working people and strengthen the link with the Trade Unions.

    • michael lynch says :

      totaly agree the labour party would never have been in power if it did not have the suport of the trde union movement we need a goverment that looks after its supporters and works with the unions to introduce a living wage to work to the eradication of poverty

  22. Gloria Tanner says :

    I wholeheartedly support this cause.

  23. Stuart Grice says :

    Stuart Grice UCATT Loughborough branch UE100.

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